Taking care of a loved one who suffers from a mental or physical impairment can be exhausting for family members. Even the most well-intentioned and loving people can experience burnout if they are not given periodic breaks, Respite care programs are designed to provide short-term relief and that much needed break to unpaid caregivers.

Respite has been proven to assist in keeping the caregiver healthy and in a good state of mind; and these scheduled breaks can avoid or delay the need to place a loved one in a permanent residential facility.  Many families are fearful of abuse or neglect, and respite care services allow them to keep their loved one at home for a greater length of time.

Venice respite care

Because of the stress associated with those providing home health care without any type of respite, family relationships often suffer. If you are living with an older relative and are feeling overwhelmed and angry, respite care may be the perfect solution.

Respite care is available in several iterations. These may include:

In Your Personal Home: Respite services don’t have to be complicated. In fact, the solution may be as simple as hiring someone to stay with your loved one so that you can leave to run errands, or simply get some leisure tine. Other members of the family, trusted neighbors, or volunteer groups may be able to assist with respite care. Home health agencies may also provide a valuable resource, by identifying qualified respite workers to help with everything from basic personal and hygiene care to skilled nursing services.

In the Community: Adult day care centers offer activities, staff, and equipment designed with senior care in mind. Some centers also provide services such as health monitoring and physical therapy programs.

At Health Care Facilities: Adult residential facilities, short-term assisted living locations, and nursing homes may be an option for you and your loved one. These facilities can generally provide skilled nursing and custodial care over a short period of time to provide relief. Respite care at an adult residence also provides a “trial run” to see if moving your loved one into assisted living or memory care is the right decision. Many families are surprised to learn that their loved one not only enjoys the environment, but that they actually thrive – providing not only them, but their caregivers a better quality of life. Many respite situations at adult residences turn into permanent arrangements.

Are These Services Covered by Medicare?

There are some situations when Medicare might cover limited respite care. If your family member has Medicare Part A and is in hospice care, temporary respite care may be included in the coverage. The respite care is required to take place in an approved facility. Typically, care for up to five days is covered, on an occasional basis. There may be some small out of pocket costs. Some Medicare coverages may also provide assistance to cover the cost of in-home health aide care, transportation, and/or meal delivery.

In conclusion, respite care services can not only be a life saver for those who are tasked with home care, but may be a logical entre into the next phase of life. If your loved one is living with you and you need compassionate emotional and physical support, call A Banyan Residence to discuss your options. We are happy to help you to settle on the best options and care for your family.