I’m Blake Anderson with A Banyan Residence. People frequently ask us, “How can you approach a loved one to talk to them about an assisted living facility?”

We suggest that this conversation happens early on. My grandmother actually lived in this facility for a number of years and the way that it was brought up is gradually and slowly and a calm environment surrounded by her loved ones.

Her health was a constant topic of conversation as it tends to be for people as they age and as we gradually brought it up, she slowly began to accept the idea more and more. The most important thing to emphasize is the quality of life after moving into an assisted living facility and that’s going to come through two avenues.

One is a socialization factor where she will be surrounded by people at a similar stage in life with similar interests. Then second is the quality of care that she’s going to get by living at an assisted living facility. She will be cared for more tenderly and more often as is appropriate for the different conditions that people develop as they age.

Finally we do insist that it does happen early on because if you do wait too long, you could come across a major event where at that point you do have no choice.

We do recommend that it’s done early on and gradually and slowly.