We have discussed how indoor container gardening can benefit your senior’s health, but the positive aspects go beyond the activity itself. According to science, green plants enhance people’s lives in many ways – read on to learn more about why you may want to fill your home or assisted living apartment with indoor plants.

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Green Plants are Versatile and Beautiful

1. Reduce stress levels: Plants help humans to feel more at ease, calm and serene. Recent studies have proven that those who live in proximity to living green plants enjoy lower stress levels and healthier blood pressure levels. Both being surrounded by plants and cultivating them bring about these health benefits.

2. Sharpen your focus: In a small research study, researchers learned that those who lived and worked among living green plants have better attention spans and are more able to focus. The study differentiated between fake plants and live ones – and it was the real plants that provided the benefit.

3. Increase well-being: For those experiencing depression, anxiety, or even dementia, indoor gardening can increase a sense of well-being. Horticultural therapy is an age-old discipline but is enjoying a modern resurgence. In fact, some medical doctors have begun to recommend placing potted green plants in the living space of those with extreme stress or depression.

4. Recover from illness more efficiently: Apparently, the tradition of sending plants and flowers to those who are sick in the hospital has a very practical basis. Simply observing green plants and floral arrangements may expedite the recovery from an illness, injury, or surgery. Research has shown that people recuperating from surgery require less pain medication and experience shorter hospital stays than those who didn’t have plants in their rooms.

5. Increase your productivity: A bromeliad may be a fantastic roommate, according to multiple studies. Plants have been found to increase both productivity and creativity in the workplace, and students worked faster and with more efficiency when plants were placed nearby. Study participants surrounded by plants also required fewer sick days. While these studies focused on work and school, it stands to reason that anyone can enjoy more productivity, clarity, and overall health by adding plants.

6. Improve your outlook: While many understand that a room with a beautiful view can inspire peace and well-being, they may be surprised to learn that a few green plants in the room will have the same effect. Natural elements can inspire more satisfaction and contentment, as well as buffer any stress and anxiety that may creep in.

7. Enhance indoor air quality: In the 1980s, a NASA study researched the science of phytoremediation, or how plants eliminate contaminants from indoor air. While the results of those studies proved that green plants remove air pollution in indoor environments, there are also more technological ways to purify air these days. Still, with all of the benefits of green plants as listed above, plants are a wonderful addition to any living space. They will help to keep the air clean and pure while offering benefits to support mental health and well-being. Some of the most beneficial plants for this purpose include areca, lady, dwarf date, and bamboo palm; Boston fern; rubber trees; ficus trees and spider plants.

If you are moving your loved one into an assisted living facility,  don’t forget to provide some lush, green plants.

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