If you have not recently had any personal experience with an adult residence – whether assisted living, memory care, or nursing home – you may hold a lot of negative connotations in your mind. In the past, there were often stories of neglect, depressing living conditions, and loved ones who were isolated and abandoned. Although some of those references may not have been fair, assisted living and memory care have indeed come a long way. Senior living trends include a variety of services and options which allow for a more engaged and active life for senior citizens.

senior living trends

You’ve heard that 70 is the new 50 – and in many cases, it is true. Especially here in Florida, seniors often move into a senior residence with the expectation of thriving and having a fulfilling life for many years to come. They simply may need a bit of assistance to do so. These senior citizens are determined to enjoy a vibrant lifestyle and are not looking for a residence to simply live out their days, alone and inactive. Instead, they are looking to create an excellent new phase of life.

Today’s seniors are living longer and healthier lives. Here are some of the senior living trends that are popular as we move into 2022.

Technology Innovation: Technology has revolutionized life as we know it. Although seniors may not be as up to date as the milennials, their lives are definitely benefitting from the new capabilities and tech tools.  In addition to the ability to video chat, listen to audio books, or keep track of medications, technology also has influenced health tools such as tools to avoid falls, enabled exercise equipment and telehealth tools.

Stress Reduction: Stress and anxiety are a reality for many people, regardless of age. However, these negative emotions afflict seniors in a disproportionate manner – usually due to the changes that take place once a certain age is reached. Stress can have a significant adverse affect on health. This fact has motivated senior living communities to develop an approach to eliminate or reduce stress though a maintenance-free lifestyle. This means that meal preparation, housekeeping and maintenance, wellness programs  and ongoing learning opportunities are all provided.

Holistic Health: In 2022, a healthy lifestyle includes not only a healthy diet and exercise, but holistic options like massage, yoga, and meditation to improve quality of life. These practices help to achieve whole-body wellness, elevate health and improve quality of life.

Continuing Education Opportunities: The path to knowledge is a lifelong quest. Learning new information becomes more significant than ever for senior citizens, because it assists in keeping the mind agile. Senior living communities provide many creative  options to help their residents to keep their mind working – whether through classes, movies, book clubs, or learning a new hobby.

Healthy Meals: Food is an important aspect of everyone’s life and health. Senior living communities are ensuring that well-balanced meals and special dietary plans are available to every resident.   Assisted living and memory care communities provide fresh and delicious meals, and employ nutritionists to guarantee the best possible nutrition for their residents.

In short, senior living trends represent all of the aspects of a healthy and fulfilling life at any age – by providing social engagement, intellectual stimulation, a healthy lifestyle and a stress-free environment. If you are interested in learning more about the vibrant and engaging lifestyle available at A Banyan Residence, call today for a tour.