You may be discouraged if a loved one is experiencing Alzheimer’s disease or dementia; thinking that they ca no longer enjoy any meaningful quality of life. But what you may not know that is that memory care communities offer environments specially set up for your loved one – not only to live, but to live a fulfilling life. In addition to providing for daily physical needs, these communities work to maintain a resident’s dignity, self-esteem and quality of life. Here are just some of the memory care benefits you may not even be aware of.

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  1. Physical safety is imperative for those living with dementia, as they can wander off or become disoriented. Memory care facilities take extensive precautions to ensure the resident’s safety. This includes physical security as well as having well-trained personnel watching over residents at all times.
  2. Those with memory loss need to feel safe, secure and oriented in their residence. Feeling disoriented and confused will be harmful to the individual; while comfortable and reassuring surroundings help residents feel that they are in good hands. This feeling of comfort will eventually transfer to family and friends, who see that their loved one is at peace – so they can be too.
  3. People with dementia need enrichment activities that walk a fine line between structure, which is reassuring – and flexibility, which allows for changes and modification based on the individual’s response. Professional memory care must provide various recreational and social outlets for their residents. These activities may include creative endeavors such as painting, cooking, attending social hours, and participating in animal therapy visits.
  4. One of the best memory care benefits is to provide outings which stimulate a resident’s social and overall wellbeing. Whether a trip to the museum, the theater or a local market, these excursions will help most memory care patients to thrive and even develop new interests, even as their memory of old ones wane. Important to Note: COVID-19 has significantly affected the ability of memory care patients to get out and about. Be sure to ask your memory care facility how they are striving to provide variety and inspiration to their residents through this crisis.
  5. Individuals living with memory loss require the same level of medical care and attention as other seniors. They may even have additional custom medical needs that should be addressed. Memory care centers should provide specialized medications and diets, as needed by the resident; administered by experienced and professional staff.
  6. The fact that someone has lost their memory does not disqualify them from deserving dignity and a vibrant quality of life. Memory care facilities strive to provide individualized attention and specialized care to ensure that the life your loved one deserves is afforded to them. This is one of the most critical memory care benefits, as it provides peace of mind not only to the residents, but to their families and friends.

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