While some medications are obviously useful and even necessary, the move towards natural remedies is a compelling one. After all, a natural cure is generally easier on the body with fewer long term side effects, which is especially important for seniors who are dealing with multiple conditions and drugs.

We recommend that you always check with your doctor before changing any of your treatment options and plans. But here are just a few examples of how natural remedies may help you or a loved one to better cope with some common ailments.

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Natural Remedies for Headaches

  • Lie down on your bed and apply an ice pack to your head for 10 or 15 minutes.
  • Mix a clove of garlic with a tablespoon of honey, which is thought to reactivate the brain’s sensory regions and alleviates pain.
  • Try a cup of peppermint tea, which is a potent relaxant and is commonly used for relief of pain.
  • Relax and massage your temples with circular motions of your fingertips.
  •  For migraines, some swear by banana peels, which are thought to absorb toxins and reduce headache pain. Coat the inside of a banana peel with alcohol and apply to your forehead for 30 minutes.
  • A strong cup of black coffee without sugar should reduce your headache significantly.
  • Alternate hot and cold compresses on your forehead for 10 minutes to improve circulation and relax head muscles.

Homeopathic Options for Sinus Congestion

  • Boil eucalyptus leaves and inhale the steam. Breathe as deeply, as possible and you should experience rapid relief.
  • Mix bay leaf, sage, and cinnamon and place in hot water for approximately 10 minutes. The resulting aroma is very strong and will easily unstuff a clogged nose.
  • Mix a glass of water, 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, and 2 tablespoons of honey. Let stand for 3 minutes before drinking.
  • Boil water until it begins to evaporate, cover your head with a towel and breathe deeply into the steam.

Cure Constipation Naturally

  • Organic oatmeal and lemon is thought to be effective in treating constipation naturally.
  • To help alleviate the discomfort of constipation, apply extra virgin olive oil to your stomach, and massage in a circular clockwise motion.
  • Stewed apples without skin can aid in digestion.
  • Drinking mallow tea to start your day will help to regulate intestinal transit and therefore combat constipation. Be sure to do so on an empty stomach.
  • Orange and kiwi juice can also be consumed on an empty stomach to deliver fiber which will stimulate digestion.

Cold & Flu Natural Treatments

  • Drinking orange juice first thing in the morning will reduce the overall chances of getting a cold or the flu at all.
  • The eucalyptus is antiviral and antiseptic, so it can assist in soothing coughs and even fighting bronchitis.
  • Blend 2 cups of lemon juice and 7 tablespoons of honey, and simmer for 90 minutes. After the mixture cools, take 2 tablespoons every hour for 24 hours. After that, take 1 tablespoon every three hours until you feel better.
  • Your mom was right. Drinking a cup of warm soup when you have the flu can minimize throat pain and ease other flu-like symptoms, as it is both antiseptic and anti-inflammatory.

Incorporating these natural remedies in your loved one’s routine may help to deal with common ailments and make life easier. Speak to the professional staff at your assisted living facility if you need help implementing any new dietary restrictions or additions to assist with your overall health.

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