As we age, we all need different types of assistance at different times. For many elderly couples, they find themselves in a situation that their spouse may need medical or physical assistance that they can no longer provide.  When it becomes clear that one individual needs the professional care of an assisted living facility yet the other does not, do they need to be separated? Fortunately for married couples, the answer is no.

If someone you love needs to move into an adult living facility for their health and safety, in most cases their spouse can move in with them.

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Adult Residences vs. Assisted Living

If both spouses are still relatively independent and able to care for themselves – and therefore may not need assisted living just yet – many facilities do offer adult living residences which function more like apartment living. Although they may not have access to the daily care an assisted living facility provides, there are generally personnel and services onsite in the event of an emergency; as well as other services such as rides to the doctor, shopping trips, and social activities. These residences are often affiliated with an assisted living facility, allowing the married couples to move gracefully through different stages of need without too much disruption.

Married Couples in Assisted Living

Most assisted living facilities will make accommodations for married couples, which makes the move into assisted living much more palatable. Couples can have their own apartment and continue to be together just as they have been for decades, with one very important difference. The burden of care is lifted off the spouse who is also aging, and may also have their own challenges.

Therefore although they can continue to live together, have meals together, make friends together and go to social activities together, there is peace of mind knowing that trained medical assistance is in residence. The assisted living personnel will make sure the spouse takes their medications on time, can help to move individuals from wheelchair to bed, or can assist with hygiene.

We know that one of the most pressing concerns when making the move to assisted living is the fear of isolation or abandonment. When married couples can continue to love together, it makes the move far less scary.

Further, when one of the spouses passes away the transition may be eased by the fact that the surviving spouse can continue to love amongst friends.  Often when a longtime spouse dies, the surviving individual is forced to figure out how to navigate life alone, and can feel quite lonely. When they are already in a familiar, compassionate and supportive environment, a difficult time becomes a little easier day to day.

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