My name is Blake Anderson. I’m the administrator here at A Banyan Residence and when choosing an assisted living facility, there are three things we want you to look for – environment, comfort and safety. You’re going to find all of these things in the first 15 minutes of doing a tour.

Something you really want to focus on is just look at the residents.

  • Are their clothes clean?
  • Are they well-groomed?
  • Are they smiling?
  • You want to see if there’s staff around.
  • Are their caregivers really paying attention to them?

You generally want to find a facility that really appeals to the different senses, all five senses, and you get a genuine feeling like you’re at home. Do you feel safe? Is this an environment that you really could get used to and be here long term?

If you are saying yes to all of these questions, then you probably found the right facility for you to live in.