My name is Greg Anderson. I’m the owner of A Banyan Residence, assisted living resort in Venice, Florida.

How one decides whether or not a person or resident is ready for an assisted living facility has a lot to do with their behaviors at home. For example, if they’re forgetting their medications or they’re locking themselves out of their house or they’re leaving their car running.

These are examples of when a family or a friend needs to start talking about an assisted living with that person. Oftentimes it’s memory loss but in other times, it’s maybe the person is not getting a balanced, nutritional diet. In such a case, you can tell if the person is losing weight or finding out what the person is eating in a day.

If they’re eating a piece of toast all day long, if they’re losing weight, then it’s time to start talking about an assisted living facility.

Also if the person has odors. If you’re getting the impression they’re not taking care of their grooming or that they’re wearing the same clothes day after day with stains on them, these are all signs and they’re good signs. It’s time for the individual that’s caring about that person to be proactive in looking around for an assisted living facility where they can thrive and have all of those things supervised for them.