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Are Seniors Happier Living In an Assisted Living Facility?

We find that as people age, they tend to be more reclusive and keep to themselves in their own homes and they miss out on that key socialization aspects that makes people happy.

How Large Are The Rooms? Can Couples Live Together?

Now as we talk about couples living together, it is absolutely not uncommon to have couples move in and oftentimes what we find is one of the partners

How to Talk to a Loved One About Assisted Living

People frequently ask us, “How can you approach a loved one to talk to them about an assisted living facility?”

What To Look For When Choosing An Assisted Living Facility

When choosing an assisted living facility, there are three things we want you to look for – environment, comfort and safety.

What Other Services Are Available to Assisted With Activities of Daily Living?

A frequently asked assisted living facility question is "What Other Services Are Available to Assisted With Activities of Daily Living?"

What If I Need to See a Doctor or a Therapist?

If you need to see a doctor, we have doctors and therapists that will come to the facility. We can also arrange for safe transportation to your doctor.

What If Your Loved One Needs Assistance During The Night?

If you need assistance during the night, we have a nurse calling system next to the bed. You pull a cord and somebody will be there within three to five minutes.

How Do I Pay For Assisted Living?

Assisted living is largely self-paid. There are a couple of programs out there for veterans that have served, and in this video we discuss those options.

What Makes A Banyan Residence Different?

What separates us from other assisted living facilities is we’re more of an exterior environment, so there's many amenities that engage our residents daily.

How to Decide If It’s Time To Look Into Assisted Living

How one decides whether or not a person or resident is ready for an assisted living facility has a lot to do with their behaviors at home.

What Is Included When Living at an Assisted Living Facility?

When living in an assisted living facility, room & board, utilities, cable, and phone, as well as housekeeping, laundry, and enrichment activities.

What Are The Differences Between Assisted Living & Nursing Homes

The difference between a nursing home and an assisted living facility is that a nursing home provides skilled nursing whereas an assisted living facility provides assistance with activities of daily living.

Get To Know Our Venice Assisted Living Facility – A Banyan Residence

A Banyan Residence is a facility that provides assistance with activities of daily living, medication management, toileting, eating, dressing, grooming and showers.