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Fight Fatigue with Nutrition

One of the areas that people don't often associate with the food they eat is their energy level. However, fatigue is very common for those who aren't getting the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients they need.

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Natural Ways to Cope with Anxiety

Anxiety is more common than many people understand. It affects over 40 million people and 25% of the seniors in the country.

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Finding Local Senior Transportation

One of the most difficult transitions a senior citizen faces is the loss of driving. Being without transportation can make anyone feel helpless.

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When Caregiving Comes to an End

Caregiving can be emotionally draining, physically demanding, and can take up a large part of your life. It can also present a financial strain.

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Identifying and Treating Dehydration

Seniors are more prone to dehydration because the body’s mechanisms become less efficient as we age. Senior citizens also experience reduced thirst signals.

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Self-Care for Senior Citizens

Senior citizens may especially benefit from implementing self-care into their daily routine. Taking care of themselves is a great way to lower stress and anxiety and live a more peaceful life.

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Walking Makes a World of Difference

Walking can significantly contribute to healthy aging because it offers many benefits while being easy to adjust to the individual's capabilities.

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Laughter Really is the Best Medicine

The old adage is that laughter is the best medicine - and science is backing up the anecdotal evidence in many ways. So start smiling and laughing more!

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Being an Independent Senior After Hearing Loss

If you are a senior citizen living with hearing loss, there is no need to isolate yourself and feel alone or ashamed. Independent living is possible!

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Exercises for the Wheelchair-Bound

Not only is exercise good for wheelchair-bound seniors, but it provides an enjoyable outlet and a rush of endorphins that can make you feel young and alive.

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