No one necessarily looks forward to growing old, but it is a necessary part of life. Unfortunately, many people suffer from depression and other mental issues as they face aging and realize that their life is more challenging and restrictive than in the past. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), older Americans have an increased risk of depression, most commonly due to this population’s higher prevalence of health conditions. Today, we will discuss the best ways to holistically improve your life and give yourself the best chance at aging gracefully without significant health and physical conditions.

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Simple Lifestyle Changes as You Face Aging

We have talked at length about many of the topics in this blog, but this entry will focus on how small incremental changes can improve your outlook on life. If you ever feel that, for some undiagnosed reason, you don’t have the energy, mental fortitude, or physical capability to take on the day, one or more of these tips may help. These tips complement each other and can leave you feeling more confident in life despite the relative ease with which you can implement them.

Tip #1 – Sleep More
Most people know the benefits of sleep, but it can still be hard to meet your daily quota of beauty rest if you have physical pain or other conditions that don’t let you enjoy it. In order to sleep more, we recommend sticking to a schedule and turning off TVs and smartphones well before bedtime. Light emissions from phones and other electronics are known to reduce the levels of active melatonin in your body, making it harder to fall asleep.

When you wake up full of energy, it can revolutionize your daily routine. Instead of feeling groggy and, therefore, annoyed, you can take on life’s challenges with a clear mind. Furthermore, many people who improve their sleep habits can ditch other habits like caffeine, which can have adverse effects on the body. You can’t fully appreciate the wide range of improvements that consistent good night’s rest can give you until you get into a pattern. After that, it can be hard to revert to your old ways.

Tip #2 – Exercise and Eat Well
Daily exercise and a well-balanced diet often go hand in hand. Nutritious food gives you the energy you need to tackle tough challenges, and exercise provides a way for your body to shed unhealthy fat and build muscle as you face aging.

When you get ample sleep, your body has more energy to exercise, and it can also more efficiently process and digest food. On the other hand, exercise and diet improvements can improve your brain chemistry and mood levels, making it easier to fall asleep.

Tip #3 – Engage With The Community
When you can’t seem to find a reason to get out and about, meeting your neighbors and partaking in community events can be the slight push you need. Community members can act as partners that help keep you on track for your exercise and nutritional goals and as social companions during physical activity and meals. When you have close friends that give you purpose in your personal life, overcoming the small hurdles you face and pushing forward is effortless.

Anyone not implementing these three simple things into their day is unlikely to feel the best about future life prospects. Some mental and physical problems require a medical diagnosis and treatment, but you will be shocked to learn how much better you can feel with just 15 to 30 more minutes a day of purposeful living as you face aging.

At A Banyan Residence, we provide a community for seniors to implement these changes. If you are considering assisted living and want to help your loved one make the right decision, we invite you to contact us today to learn more.