America, its infrastructure, and how we live our lives are all interconnected, with some areas of our country nearly impossible to traverse daily without reliable transportation. Part of the idealized ‘American Dream’ is the freedom and independence that car ownership brings. When aging, illnesses, or memory problems threaten this freedom, the transition and lifestyle changes can be challenging to overcome. Not only will giving up your driver’s license limit your everyday choice of activities, but it will also force you to rely on others to get around. Adjusting to this new chapter of your life with grace, confidence, and knowledge of other options is the best way forward.

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Additional Ways To Get Around Town

When someone’s ability to drive is taken away, either by the government or concerned family members, the reasons that someone needed to use their car do not suddenly disappear as well. Sometimes, elderly Americans make the choice to voluntarily give up driving, knowing it has become increasingly dangerous for them and others over the years. Finding safe alternative ways to get around town to finish errands and enjoy life should be a top priority for you and your family. Relying on one source of transportation might not give you the amount of freedom you have when driving a car, but through a combination of sources, the disruption in your daily life can be minimal.

Family and Friends
It can be challenging to ask family and friends to chauffeur you around, but loved ones will be more than happy to help you when needed and love the added time it affords them to spend with you. Relationships with people in your life can break down if they feel they are spending too much of their personal time focused on you, so it is always important to remain gracious and understand that the level of transportation they can provide you will not come close to matching the capabilities you had with your own license.

Community Transporation Programs
The State of Florida Department of Elder Affairs website will be the single best location on the internet for you to find information regarding local community or government-funded rideshare opportunities. There are different programs specializing in older Americans with Alzheimer’s, those serviced through Medicaid, and more. The National Center for Mobility Management is also an excellent resource for finding more information about initiatives in your area.

Depending on the exact area you live in, and whether or not you need transportation for medical reasons, your hospital might provide van services that will pick you up and drop you off at home for any scheduled visits.

Public Transportation and Rideshare
Public transportation and rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft provide their services to all. However, there are often benefits or additional perks that older Americans can take advantage of. To start, they usually offer reduced-fare rides or passes to the elderly. Buses typically have designated spots that are more comfortable and safe for older people, and rideshare apps provide options that allow you to select the type of vehicle best suited for your needs.

Assisted Living Facility Services
Moving into an assisted living facility makes life easier in many ways. One key way is that these communities will provide transportation for errands, appointments, and social outings as part of their base fee. Depending on the resident’s mental state, this can be the best option that keeps them confined in a safe living area while still getting them out and about consistently.

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