Many things in life affect our mood and mindset – these days, it can be easy to let the news of the day get us down. Everyone has pressures of everyday life, and for some seniors, loneliness adds to these problems. There are many solutions suggested to heal loneliness, and not every person will respond to the same method. But those who have a spiritual life of some kind can often cope with sadness and isolation better than those who don’t – here’s why.
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Religion and spirituality are often considered the same, but they are two different concepts used to explain a system of belief. Religion is usually built on a series of guidelines and is more organized, while spirituality tends to be a much more personal experience. Both spirituality and religion acknowledge that there is something – or someone – greater than ourselves and helps people feel a part of something meaningful. They both have the ability to help someone feel comfort and peace and develop strength, and many people rely on their beliefs to cope with difficult life situations.

No matter which form of belief someone chooses, having spiritual connections can significantly improve one’s mood and mental health. Spiritual life may manifest in a wide variety of ways, including:

  • Prayer and meditation
  • Symbolic rituals
  • Creative activities and hobbies
  • Tai Chi, yoga, and other disciplined forms of exercise

Those who pursue a spiritual life often create a time and place to pray, are quick to forgive and look for forgiveness,

How a Spiritual Life Fights Sadness

While spirituality (and religion) are sometimes used to force people into thinking or to be a certain way, they can provide significant benefits when applied with love and compassion.

  • Meditation, self-reflection, and mindfulness are all positive practices that strengthen one’s connection to themselves, to others, and a higher power – thus dispelling loneliness and any feelings of being lost.
  • Individuals who are like-minded in matters of spiritual belief tend to form friendships and a community. Being a member of a religious or spiritual group can deliver essential support, interaction, and relationships that can go a long way to reinforcing positive mental health.
  • Being spiritual helps people protect their self-esteem, build confidence, and strengthen self-control. It offers emotions like self-empowerment, tolerance, and acceptance of others. Doing these things helps days to be calmer and moods to remain steady.
  • Spiritual people tend to feel very aware of and connected to their environment. Even more than that, they feel appreciation and gratitude for that environment. Spiritual and religious teachings stress being thoughtful about personal accountability and doing the right thing. They often teach compassion, forgiveness, and gratitude – all emotions that help people cope with challenging situations and life’s problems with a positive attitude.
  • Spirituality can significantly impact and inspire feelings of calm and serenity, as well as reduce anxiety and stress. For those more inclined towards organized religion, rituals or practices provide the structure and consistency they need and the required solid ground when the ground underneath them is unsure.

Living at an assisted living facility allows seniors to develop community and friendships they could never experience alone at home. If you are looking for an adult residence for yourself or a loved one in the Venice area, come visit A Banyan Residence today.