Living in Florida, we all have the opportunity to spend time outside year-round. Being immersed in nature is good for both emotional and physical wellbeing, but some of the benefits of nature can also be replicated indoors. Green plants can assist our health on many ways, most notably by filtering the air – eliminating toxins and releasing oxygen into the room. Studies have shown that sick patients recover more easily when surrounded by green plants, and they can even help with concentration and focus. Not only that, but research proves that indoor plants encourage serenity and a sense of peace.

If you have a loved one in assisted living, adding green plants to their room can help with their mood and their health – not to mention make any living space more beautiful.

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  1. Peace Lily: The peace lily a potent air purifier, that is remarkably easy to take care of. The only care requirement is to watch for any drooping of the plant, and water accordingly. That’s it! The peace lily filters all kinds of nasty toxins from the air, including benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, xylene, toluene, ammonia and carbon dioxide making it one of the best green plants for cleaning the air. The peace lily – which isn’t a lily at all – releases oxygen overnight, so is perfect for your loved one’s bedroom.
  2. Parlor Palms: These versatile plants come in a broad spectrum of sizes, so can fit easily into any size living space. These air-purifying palms showcase elegant tropical fronds that can provide tall greenery to a corner of a room, or smaller interest to a desk or dresser. Parlor palms thrive in bright, indirect light and as they are non-toxic, make a great addition for those who also have a pet.
  3. Anthurium: This striking plant is also known as a flamingo lily. While most air-purifying green plants are just that – green – the anthurium features gorgeous, vibrant flowers in red, white, or yellow. Originally found in tropical rain forests, anthurium do really well in the indirect sunlight most often present in apartments or small rooms. Anthurium is low maintenance and lives a long time but be warned – the anthurium can be poisonous to your pets.
  4. English Ivy: This popular houseplant is also familiar as an outdoor climbing variety that propagates easily and covers walls, fences, and buildings. But when grown indoors, the ivy will mature into a lovely hanging plant with trailing vines. It is easy to keep green and healthy, easy on the budget, and safe for your pets – not to mention, you can breathe easier as it filters carbon dioxide, benzene, and formaldehyde out of the air.
  5. Snake Plant: The variegated snake plant provides a distinctive silhouette of elongated, pointy leaves which may cause skin irritation if touched. Therefore, it is best to keep this plant in a location that it does not need to be handled too often. Aside from that, this gorgeous plant is basically indestructible, so is appropriate for seniors who don’t exactly have a green thumb. It can even handle missing a few waterings without suffering any real damage. Snake plants give off plenty of oxygen during the evening hours, making them ideal for the bedroom – especially as they need only low lighting to grow well and thrive. The plant also significantly minimizes all major household toxins.
  6. Spider Plant: These easy-care plants (shown above) will purify your air and fill your space with lots of pure oxygen. It is easy to grow and care for. The leaves do like to be kept moist, so you may want to place a spider plant in a humid bathroom. (If not, you can also mist on occasion.) Spider plants look amazing as hanging plants, if that is an option.

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