With Veterans’ Day 2021 taking place this week, this is a great time to speak about the challenges aging veterans face – and the resources that are available to them. Assisted living residences can help disabled and elderly veterans who need help with activities of daily living such as cooking, cleaning, and basic hygiene. There are two primary ways for eligible veterans to obtain assistance: qualify for an assisted living benefit from the VA or apply for residency in a veteran’s home. This article will examine the benefits programs available to aging veterans.

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VA Community Living Centers

VA community living centers are comparable to a nursing home, providing 24-hour skilled nursing care, restorative care, access to social work services, and geriatric evaluation and management. Some facilities also offer memory care for aging veterans with dementia or other cognitive impairment and respite care, palliative care, and hospice care.

Community living centers offer activities for veterans, family-friendly visiting areas, and a comfortable living environment. Pets are typically allowed. Veterans can reside in these homes for a short stay or for the long term. Community living centers accept VA-enrolled veterans based on clinical need and availability.

The Armed Forces Retirement Home is a residential community for United States military veterans. Eligible veterans can live in the retirement home, which offers activities, wellness programs, medical care and meals. The wellness center provides professional medical care, pharmacy access, nutritional services, physical and occupational therapy, dental and podiatry care. There are two Armed Services Retirement homes: in Washington, D.C., and Gulfport, Mississippi. Veterans must be capable of independent living when initially admitted – but can obtain skilled care if necessary over time.

How Assisted Living Supports Senior Veterans

As they grow older, veterans may experience loss of function just as any other senior citizen. If they do not wish to move to a VA location and prefer to stay closer to family or friends, locally-based assisted living may be the answer.

Assisted living residences allow veterans to live in private apartments while still enjoying the benefits of social interaction and appropriate supervision. Assisted living communities offer communal living spaces, including a shared dining room, recreational amenities, and social activities. At an assisted living facility, veterans can have access to skilled caregivers who can offer support for:

  • Bathing, dressing, and toileting
  • Laundry and cleaning services
  • Meal preparation
  • Medication management
  • Some specific medical care

How the Veterans’ Administration (VA) Can Help

The VA may offer increased pension allowances to pay for assisted living care under the Aid & Attendance plan.  These allowances are paid in addition to the regular monthly pension. They are also known as assisted living benefits, improved pensions, or veteran eldercare benefits. The Veterans Administration created these benefits to help aging veterans pay for the care provided at an assisted living facility.

The exact benefit amount depends on the Maximum Annual Pension Rate category but can offer thousands in additional pension benefits annually. A veteran without dependents who qualifies for Aid & Attendance may receive an additional $8,796 per year. VA pension eligibility is required to apply for these benefits.

  • Veterans must be age 65 or older
  • limited or no income
  • permanently disabled
  • receiving skilled nursing care, Social Security Disability Insurance, or Supplemental Security Income

A Banyan Residence is a professional assisted living and memory care center located in Venice, Florida. We appreciate all our residents and are honored to have veterans in our community. If you would like more information on financial assistance that may be available to you or a loved one, call today for an appointment.