I’m Blake Anderson. I am the administrator here at A Banyan Residence. So people will ask us, “What is the general timeline for a resident to move into an assisted living facility?” and our answer, it could be as quickly as one day or even as long as one or two years.

An example is we had a resident recently move in who toured here two years ago with her family multiple times and their family put a deposit down to make sure that she had a spot here when she was ready to move into an assisted living facility.

Then here we are two years later. She just moved in, is extremely happy and she already had her spot secured.

On the other side of that spectrum, we will have families that come and tour and on the same day will move their family member into the facility.

Unfortunately, we do find that some families tend to wait too long to have the conversation about an assisted living facility and choose one that they think is right for them.

Sometimes these slight declines can be hard to spot and unfortunately, some people then are forced to go through a major event that then forces them into a situation where they need assisted living.

We recommend that the conversation is had early and you really figure out what you like and where you ultimately want to go. So the day that you are ready, you’re ready to move in and you’re safe and comfortable knowing exactly where you’re going.