My name is Blake Anderson. I’m the administrator here at A Banyan Residence and people ask us, “How big are these rooms and can couples live in the same room?”

So as for room sizes, we have a variety of different sizes of rooms. So when you walk in, it’s generally structured the front room is the living room where we will have a dedicated sitting area with end tables, lamps, floor arrangements as well as a TV for relaxing or light reading.

As we move further back, we do have full size, large California style closets as well as a full size kitchen, refrigerator and microwave. As we look to the bathroom, you will notice it’s a full size bathroom that is handicap-accessible where the shower has no lip on it. So in the event you are in a wheelchair, it’s easy to roll in and roll out.

Then finally as we move towards the back, this is the sleeping area where we do have a sitting area as well as a bed. Now a reminder that all of the furniture that we have here is custom-designed for elderly and we do provide it free of charge.

We also provide the linens as well as the service to clean the linens. Finally we do have another TV in this area as well as another full size California closet.

As you will see out the back, you do have a view of gardens as well as out of the front.

Now as we talk about couples living together, it is absolutely not uncommon to have couples move in and oftentimes what we find is one of the partners does not need the assisted living and is actually the caretaker of the partner, but sometimes can feel overwhelmed with the level of care needed.

What usually happens is the couple will move in here with us and we’re more of a resort-like environment rather than feeling more institutionalized and by structuring it that way, the person that doesn’t need the assisted living can actually feel like they’re still at home and enjoying their surroundings while their loved one or partner is getting the care that they need in that being at an assisted living facility.