So above and beyond room and board, typically when residents move in to assisted living, there are some services required. For example assistance with activities of daily living.

Yes, the room and board covers all your furniture, fixtures and equipment, your linens, your housekeeping, maintenance, enrichment, utilities. But you still have other services that you may need as for example, activities of daily living. The most common one that we see is medication management. That’s vital for your existence and it can’t be taken lightly. So that’s an example of another service that will provide above and beyond the room and board rate.

Above and beyond the activities of daily living, we provide assistance with your doctor appointments. In fact we have a series of third party providers that come to the facility, such as physical therapy, occupational therapy. Doctors come here, podiatrists, home health agencies. We do blood work here, X-rays. All of this is covered by your insurance and our onsite nurse will coordinate all of those items for you.