Hi. My name is Greg Anderson, the owner of A Banyan Residence Assisted Living Resort in Venice, Florida. What separates us from other assisted living facilities is we’re more of an exterior environment. Ours is a campus, a resort you might say and we have invested heavily in architecturally-designed landscaping throughout the facilities and footpaths that meander all the way through the campus with different water features, trellises, lawn furniture. Very different than any other facility.

We have a barbecue area with seating for the entire population and we always have entertainment for our barbecues and we have them every week. So it’s a very family-friendly barbecue that most families come and they spend time with the resident here and there’s always live entertainment and it’s probably remarkable for an assisted living environment.

Secondly is that because of our exterior environment, all of the suites open up to the outside and you walk down a corridor, an exterior corridor to the clubhouse and so everybody gets fresh air. Nobody is bottled up in an interior environment. Just leaving their suite to come down to the dining room, you’re going to get fresh air.